Buckhorn Home for Children Rebuilding After Summer Floods

Our Synod’s Covenant Partner, the Buckhorn Home for Children, was right in the middle of the Eastern Kentucky summer flooding crisis, but thankfully they did not experience too much damage.  Ms. Darlene Herald, Director of Compliance, told us that there was some water damage to their Administration building and to some of their non-residential cottages. A few of their foster families had to be relocated, but most have returned to their homes. Their biggest issue was the 3 days it took to clear the roads blocked by mudslides allowing them to get out.  For several days after the floods there was no municipal water, but the Lord provided for them.  They received bottled water, cleaning and clearing supplies to the point that Darlene says they are now in the rebuilding phase, not just surviving. Though recently they have had to go back to a “boiled water” alert.

Right after the flood, Buckhorn Home for Children became a distribution center for cleaning supplies and the essentials for the initial recovery process.  At this point, in mid-September, there is a great need for furniture (not necessarily new), appliances and building supplies (2x4s, sheet rock, flooring, etc.)  Home furnishings, including linens, towels, kitchen utensils and household staples would also be welcomed, for so many of their neighbors lost so much.

Darlene is so impressed with the resiliency and strength of this community. Their faith has bolstered their spirits; they have seen God at work in so many tangible ways throughout this crisis. 

For more information about Buckhorn Home for Children and/or their process of rebuilding after this horrific flood, please check them out online or on Facebook. 

Buckhorn Home for Children

116 Buckhorn Lane

Buckhorn, KY 41721

Main: 800-472-3678