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Inspiration for the Spirit
We are so excited to bring you this special issue of the Synod of Living Waters virtual magazine, the Virtual Voice. The stories in this issue are truly inspiring. Our team asked writers to reflect on...
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From Your Synod Moderator
Rev. Ann Laird Jones, Synod Moderator Dear friends! We are quickly approaching the beginning whispers of General Assembly 226, which meets June 25-July 4 in Salt Lake City. These beginning...
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From the Synod Executive
Rev. Greg Goodwiller, Synod of Living Waters Plans are coming together for the 226th General Assembly Meeting this summer, the plenaries for which will bring commissioners, delegates, and church leaders...
Hebron PC Jefferson, TN
A Resurrection Story
Rev. Karen Russell, Transitional Executive Presbyter, Holston Presbytery The story of Presbyterians in the early years of this nation cannot be told without telling the stories of Holston Presbytery. Beginning...
Becoming a Sailboat Church
Rev. Ann Kelly, Leland Presbyterian Church “Rowboat or Sailboat?” asks the title of Chapter 3 in Joan Gray’s Spiritual Leadership for Church Officers. After studying that chapter. the Session...
Guns to gardens
Guns to Gardens Memphis
Rev. Patrick Harley, Pastor, Evergreen Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN I’m fascinated by artists who can transform items like clay, wood, or metal into something beautiful. I don’t have that skill....
Grace PC Table of Grace
A New Table of Grace
Rev. Sue Westfall, Executive Presbyter, Sheppards and Lapsley Grace Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa is a recent merger between two, very different congregations. The merger work was thoughtful,...
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