Our Presbyteries

The Synod of Living Waters is comprised of twelve presbyteries.

Formed from the Presbyterian Churches found in the four state area of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky as well as parts of Arkansas and Missouri the Synod is named for the abundance of water resources found in the region. Devoted to Jesus Christ, we seek to help congregations and ministries thrive in worship and mission.

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Douglas Lake, TN

East Tennessee Presbytery

Serving Eastern Tennessee

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South Holston River - Bristol, TN

Holston Presbytery

Serving Northeast Tennessee

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McNeely Lake - Louisville, KY

Mid-Kentucky Presbytery

Serving Middle Kentucky

Hernando de Soto Bridge - Memphis, TN

Mid-South Presbytery

Serving Western Tennessee

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Holston River, TN

Middle Tennessee Presbytery

Serving Middle Tennessee

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Pearl River at LeFleur's Bluff

Mississippi Presbytery

Serving South Mississippi

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Cahaba River

North Alabama Presbytery

Serving North Alabama

Lake Allen Camp Hopewell
Lake Allen, Camp Hopewell - Oxford, MS

St. Andrew Presbytery

Serving North Mississippi

waterfalls, cliffs, moss-1839924.jpg
Mize Mill Falls, Bankhead National Forest

Sheppards & Lapsley

Serving Mid-Alabama

seagull, beach, summer-3232350.jpg
Mobile Bay

South Alabama Presbytery

Serving Southern Alabama

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Kentucky River Palisades

Transylvania Presbytery

Serving Eastern Kentucky

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Blue Springs Resort - Hopkinsville, KY

Western Kentucky Presbytery

Serving West Kentucky

Synod of Living Waters
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