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Give Them Something to Eat
Rev. Bob Madsen, Regional Presbyter South Alabama and Mississippi Presbyteries Back in 2019, the Presbytery of South Alabama had come to the end of a seven-year plan for our ministry. It was time...
Haiti children
Living Waters for the World Haiti Update and Request for Assistance
Now may be the worst time in the entire troubled history of the nation of Haiti. The past three years have seen a complete breakdown of government function, social services, and law and order. As has been...
LWW Church Curriculum
Bringing the Whole Church Together to Focus on Mission:
Living Waters for the World’s Full-Church Curriculum LWW has long had Vacation Bible School curricula for churches to use with children. Now there is an expanded curriculum for all generations of...
Out of the Ordinary
Rev. David Gambrell, Ph.D., Associate for Worship, Office of Theology and Worship, PC(U.S.A.) The first half of the Christian calendar is clothed in color—white and gold, purple and red. It is flocked...
Celebrations is a new continuing column in the Virtual Voice in which we can share and celebrate with each other as a Synod family. Celebration and praise is at the heart of Christian witness, especially...
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Devotions for a Season of Change 2024
Sixty-one Days of Kindness Eugenia A. Gamble I recently heard some statistics that indicated that the number one longing of the people surveyed was for a return to kindness. It seems that unkindness,...
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Letting Go and Making Room for Alleluias
By Rev. Eugenia A. Gamble Drawing from the powerful themes of releasing and receiving that mark our Lent and Easter seasons, this issue of the Virtual Voice of the Synod of Living Waters offers information...
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