Living Waters for the World Haiti Update and Request for Assistance

Now may be the worst time in the entire troubled history of the nation of Haiti. The past three years have seen a complete breakdown of government function, social services, and law and order. As has been widely reported, gangs currently control nearly all of Port au Prince and other metropolitan areas. The Haitian people, who have shown remarkable resilience amid years of challenges, are being tested as never before. 

But, amidst all of this tragedy, Living Waters for the World (LWW) is quietly providing a lifeline to children and families. Since 2007, LWW, through its trained water teams, has installed over 100 water purification systems throughout Haitian communities, both rural and urban. Because of the heroic dedication of water system operators and LWW’s support team in Haiti, more than 70 of these systems are still currently in operation, faithfully providing clean water to Haitians every day. LWW’s systems are operated by priests, pastors and other local people of good will, who are determined to improve the lives of their neighbors, despite the desperation all around them.

Each day, people walk up to two miles to bring their 5-gallon blue bottles to a Living Waters for the World water plant to swap for a newly filled bottle of clean water to bring home to their families.

 The lifesaving clean water provided by Living Waters for the World allows Haitian children and families to escape the misery of water-born illness. But, perhaps more importantly, this water offers hope that all is not lost. With each bottle of water dispensed, the message is delivered that someone, somewhere cares for the people of this beautiful but ravaged country. The people relying upon LWW’s water systems understand this and know they are not forgotten.

The Synod of Living Waters administrative board has officially endorsed reaching out to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to request a collaborative partnership to work in the long-term recovery process to restore and support all LWW water systems in Haiti. 

The need is both urgent and great.  In this time of hardship for the people of Haiti, LWW asks for your prayers and also for your financial support, so that the work of Living Waters for the World can continue for these precious children of God.  Donations may be made online at or by check to:

Living Waters for the World Haiti Fund

4935 Main Street, Ste. 7-399

Spring Hill, TN 37174