Moderator’s Corner

Since becoming the Moderator for the Synod of Living Waters this year my gratitude for our Synod continues to overflow. During these summer months I not only celebrated my 30th year as arts ministry director at Montreat Conference Center (Pottery and summer Sunday worship team), but sat with so many of you at the pottery (with our hands in clay) throughout the summer, talking about our amazing Synod. I am continually impressed with the diversity of our Synod, and the magnificent, creative work streaming out from every Presbytery within our bounds.

I’m serious about visiting you, and attending Presbytery meetings. Keep me posted.

During the spring, I had the great honor of visiting one of our partner theological institutions, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, participating in their 169th Commencement on Saturday, May 13th. As an alum of this seminary, and as great fan of President Alton B. Pollard, III, I was eager to have a chance to say goodbye to Dr. Pollard at this, his final LPTS Commencement. During the service I was deeply honored to receive the “Devoted Service Award,” recognizing individuals for their dedicated service in the life of the church, offered to me as the Synod of Living Waters Moderator.

Soon I will return to the Mississippi Delta, where I am a minister member of St. Andrew Presbytery, starting my 22nd year in this presbytery. I am eager to return as Stated Supply Pastor at the historic Sumner Presbyterian Church in Sumner, Mississippi, after a wonderful summer working in Montreat. In Sumner we are preparing for the celebration of our 150th year as a church on October 22, 2023. Please join us! In preparation we replaced all the lights in the church, painted the kitchen, had an all-church cleanup day (oh the treasures we found!), went through all the church records, AND applied for a Synod Technology grant, which we gratefully received. For the first time in 150 years (thank you, Synod of Living Waters) we installed a microphone in the sanctuary. We have invited all former ministers to the October 22 celebration, as well as members and families, and, maybe, you!

All this is a prelude to what I really want to say to you, Synod of Living Waters. I am so honored to serve as your Moderator these two years. I would love to be a part of the life and celebrations in your churches and presbyteries during the coming months. Let me know when and where you are gathering, and I will start driving. My priority is to meet you, hear your stories, and continue to celebrate the tremendous ministry of our Synod of Living Waters, where each congregation and each presbytery deserves a “Devoted Service” award.

Ann Laird Jones

[email protected]