Preparing the Way – Clean Water for Generations

By Steve Young

Each morning, across 28 nations in over one thousand communities, men and women begin their day operating a Living Waters for the World purification system. Their faithfulness, day after day, week after week, month after month, is an expression of hope lived out, a very real giving of life itself.  Because reliable clean water is the norm for most of us – something we don’t give a second thought about – we can miss how “mission critical” clean water is.  A life without clean drinking water is a severely diminished life, and not what God desires.  600 million people globally suffer with this reality, keeping children out of school and adults unable to stay healthy and work to make a better future.  Clean water truly is medicine and a catalyst.  The trajectory forever changes.


Living Waters for the World has been blessed from time to time by legacy gifts from churches who, after years of faithful service, have made the decision to close.  Their and their presbytery’s choice to use a portion of proceeds to support our water partners, most of whom are also small churches, is a powerful example of preparing the way for those whom we are collectively called to serve.  I am excited to share that the Living Waters for the World board of directors and our synod leadership are working to prepare the way for a legacy fund to be established just for this purpose – to come alongside our water partners and support their good work now and for years to come.  We ask for your prayers and support as we anticipate how God will lead us through this process, preparing the way to join together in Christ’s service with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.


Steve Young

Executive Director

Living Waters for the World